About Allentown

Allentown stone wall

Who We Are

The Allentown Association traces its roots to the founding of the North Street Association in 1960, which sought to create an appreciation among neighborhood residents for the architectural treasures that exist on every Allentown street. The organization grew quickly to encompass the entire neighborhood and was incorporated in 1963 as the Allentown Association, Inc.

What We Do

Over the years, the Association’s activities on behalf of the neighborhood have varied due to changing circumstances. The Association adopts itself to the shifts in federal and state urban policies, and to changing administrations in City Hall. At times, it has stressed cultural and social activities; at times it has acted as a conduit for low-interest public loans to property owners, other times it has purchased and renovated historic properties. Always it has been a forceful advocate of historic preservation and a vigorous voice for the neighborhood’s interests in the arenas of political power and private economic influence.

Our Mission

The only purpose of the Allentown Association is to serve its community. It does that through efforts to beautify the neighborhood; to encourage historic preservation and property maintenance; to promote appropriate business development, to fight crime, and to protect and enhance Allentown’s unique urban ambiance.



Maintain the garden and visual improvement projects undertaken by the Association including, but not limited to, community garden at Main and Allen, annual plantings in concrete planters and whiskey barrels, spring/summer hanging baskets, holiday lights and decorations, annual holiday tree lighting, etc.
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Business Development

The Association works with the neighborhood merchants to bring shoppers into the area through various promotions, especially at holiday shopping time.
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Crime Prevention

Volunteers work closely with the Buffalo Police Department on crime problems, and have achieved much success, especially in promoting quality of life issues.
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Housing & Historic Preservation

Work with community groups, block clubs, property and business owners and other residents to identify, monitor, and inform the community of potential opportunities and deficiencies in the fabric of Allentown.
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Work to ensure that everyone that lives, works or invests in Allentown joins the Association. This committee shall maintain an up-to-date database of current and past members.
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Special Events

Plan and implement special events of the Association. Each event may form a standing committee, as directed by the Board. Special events may include the annual Tour of Historic Homes a.k.a. The Secrets of Allentown, Allen West Festival, Annual Meeting and Dinner, Garage and Porch Sale, and other events from time to time.
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The Allentown Neighbor (Newsletter)

Research, write and solicit input from Board and community members to communicate the activities of the Association and items of interest from neighborhood activity to keep members informed of issues, progress and changes to the historic district.
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Board of Directors

Community & Preservation Resources

Allentown is a special place, designated a local preservation district in 1978 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. Allentown is one of the first and largest residential historic districts in the United States. The Allentown Association prides itself in offering helpful information to homeowners in Allentown.