Board of Directors

Allentown Association 2016-2017 Board of Directors


Seth Amman – President
Andrew Pace – Vice President
Jonathan White – Vice President
Kristie White – Treasurer
Jillian Stiefel – Secretary


Seth Amman
Bob Fink
Gretchan Grobe
Stanton Hudson
Christina Knees
Kelly Martin
Dennis Martinez
Ekua Mends-Aidoo
Andrew Pace
Christopher Poole
Kevin Rabener
Patrick Ryan
Max Stephen
Jillian Stiefel
Ryan Stearns
Elizabeth Switzer
Sarah Warner
Kristie White
Jonathan White


Richard Haynes
Pete Carroll
Caitlin Crowell
Adam Sokol
Elizabeth Licata
Brian Gold
Rik Whitaker


Andrew Eisenhardt – Executive Director
Laine Walnicki – Outreach Coordinator


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