Maintain the garden and visual improvement projects undertaken by the Association including, but not limited to, community garden at Main and Allen, annual plantings in concrete planters and whiskey barrels, spring/summer hanging baskets, holiday lights and decorations, annual holiday tree lighting, etc. Organize seasonal clean up’s, as well as one in conjunction with the City of Buffalo’s annual May city-wide clean up. Encourage residents and businesses to maintain and beautify their property, keep sidewalks clear and promptly dispose of all debris.
Committee Chair: Will Becker

Business Development

The Association works with the neighborhood merchants to bring shoppers into the area through various promotions, especially at holiday shopping time. Committee Chair: Nicole Lipp Duffin

Crime Prevention

Volunteers work closely with the Buffalo Police Department on crime problems, and have achieved much success, especially in promoting quality of life issues. There is a Citizens Patrol that takes to the streets periodically to guard against situations that could invite crime, such as unlighted areas and overgrown bushes. The Association sponsors seminars on personal and property safety and other crime-prevention topics.
Committee Co-chairs: Jonathan White & Rik Whitaker

Housing & Historic Preservation

Work with community groups, block clubs, property and business owners and other residents to identify, monitor, and inform the community of potential opportunities and deficiencies in the fabric of Allentown. Once identified, the committee works with City officials, property owners, and potential property owners to encourage the preservation and the harmonious development of Allentown.
Committee Co-Chairs: Patty Macdonald & Christy Limniatis


Work to ensure that everyone that lives, works or invests in Allentown joins the Association. This committee shall maintain an up-to-date database of current and past members. Annual duties shall include regular mailing of renewal notices, updating membership status and tracking (to the best of the committee’s ability) the movement from the neighborhood or death of current and former members.
Committee Chairman: Laine Walnicki

Special Events

Plan and implement special events of the Association. Each event may form a standing committee, as directed by the Board. Special events may include the annual Tour of Historic Homes a.k.a. The Secrets of Allentown, Allen West Festival, Annual Meeting and Dinner, Garage and Porch Sale, and other events from time to time. Special circumstances include the evaluation and distribution of assets or donated property, rehabilitation or renovation projects undertaken by the Association and other large tasks that require a special committee, as recommended by the Board or President. Email for more information.

The Allentown Neighbor (E-Newsletter)

Research, write and solicit input from Board and community members to communicate the activities of the Association and items of interest from neighborhood activity to keep members informed of issues, progress and changes to the historic district. Duties include editing, layout, mailing and other distribution to reach all members and other residents/businesses in Allentown. Email with tips, events and other neighborhood notices.