Allen Street Improvement Project

Allen Street Improvement Project aka Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus-Allen Street Extension

Project Overview
The City of Buffalo has initiated the Allen Street Extension Project to design and construct infrastructure improvements that increase mobility, enhance economic vitality, and improve safety.

Follow these links for construction details:

Overview of all meetings and construction plans to date

Overview of proposed streetscapes

Work Zone Staging for Allen St.

Work Zone Detours for Allen St. 

The project includes two phases:

Phase A will include the construction of a pedestrian/bicycle path between Washington Street and Oak Street in the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC).  

Phase B  will construct infrastructure improvements that increase mobility, enhance economic vitality, and improve safety of the surrounding neighborhood. Streetscape improvements will start on Allen Street between Main Street and Delaware Avenue. A future phase to complete construction on Allen Street west to Wadsworth is dependent on obtaining additional funding. Construction will be phased over multiple constructions seasons to achieve the goals and accommodate funding availability.  The construction to the west of Main Street will be done block by block, meaning one block will be dismantled and rebuilt at a time in order to limit impact on businesses, residents and commuters. The initial blocks from Main to Franklin Streets are scheduled to start in August 2018.

Representatives from the City and the design firm Bergmann Associates, will be holding meetings prior to the start of construction with businesses and residents immediately impacted by construction. Notices of these meetings will be posted on this website, the Association’s social media outlets, membership email blasts and online newsletter. Notices of future meetings and all past meetings can also be found at

The City of Buffalo has retained Bergmann Associates, in conjunction with their partners Halvorson Design Partnership, Ravi Engineering, RK Hite & Co., and Highland Planning, to design the Allen Street Extension Project. The project is being overseen by a Technical Advisory Committee with representatives from the City, Department of Public Works, Parks and Streets, the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning, New York State Department of Transportation, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, and the Allentown Association.